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Preventable Pitfalls of Travelling With Young Children

Ever heard of Murphy's Law? If there is one saying to convince you to take out family holiday insurance that one should. Murphy's Law simply dictates the notion that if something can go wrong, it will. And, of course, the chances of things going wrong multiply with the number of people travelling in a group. Add young children to the mix, and you have all reasons you'll need to convince you a good family holiday insurance policy is a must-have. Here are just a few of the situations in which you'll be happy you listened to that advice.

Before Leaving

As any parent knows, children get sick and get into minor accidents very easily. If this should be the case and you need to cancel your trip, family holiday insurance will ensure you are covered financially. As well, if you should need to switch flights or airlines for other reasons it can help you recover costs.

During the Flight

The more stopovers there are, the higher the chances that someone will get lost, take too long in the bathroom, or misplace an important piece of luggage and cause you to miss your flight. In this case, having family holiday insurance can help make sure you get on the next flight with little to no expense.
If connecting flights get cancelled, it's harder to place larger groups on later flights, so you can expect added delays. If you're travelling with children this can be a problem, but a good policy will help ensure these delays are made as comfortable as they can be with the least possible expense to you.

Upon Landing 

More children mean more luggage - and the younger children are, the more you need to pack. Increased baggage also means increased chances of losing or misplacing it - and, again, the younger the age of the child, the bigger the nightmare a lost piece of luggage can be. It's not easy to keep an eye on everything, especially with a young child in tow, but imagine the upset that could be caused by having the bag with the extra nappies and toys arriving late, or simply not arriving! A good policy will ensure you are covered financially should you need to purchase necessities in the interim.
If you're travelling with special equipment, such as a pram, a stroller, a bottle steriliser and the like, replacing them in case of loss can be very costly; it gives great peace of mind to know that you can recoup any unexpected financial outlay.

At the Destination

Some children travel well and easily adjust to different climates, but some don't. Of course, it's best to pick a place with a climate and environment your child will easily adjust to, but should illness occur, your insurance policy can help. It will cover medical care required from colds, heat reactions and even allergies.
Even in the most child-friendly villa or resort, accidents can happen. To ensure your family has access to proper medical care, as well as transport to a hospital (or back home if necessary), it's vital to obtain good cover before you leave home.

It's easy to take planning for granted when you're traveling alone, but when children are involved the stakes are raised considerably. Don't get caught short without a decent policy to cover all possible scenarios.

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